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ATHIS - Profitable Practical Advice

Schools, sports clubs, associations and charities increasingly depend upon income generated from non core activities. ATHIS specialise in identifying that potential and in delivering the income.

Our objective is to maximise your income. To achieve that we apply a strict timeline reducing our fees to increase your bottom line.

" We followed the crowd and did what every school does and got it wrong. I now recognise that well meaning governors may be commercially minded but if that experience is not industry specific or locally based, their free help can be expensive".
Patrick Walker - Former Bursar Queenswood School

How we help…


  • Review existing activity, income streams and businesses.
  • Evaluate new project viability and investment

"Pragmatic and illuminating advice."

"Don’t be busy fools, or penny-wise."

"Planning or running a commercial enterprise             seeks commercial advice."

Dual Use Sports Facilities

  • Design advice
  • Financial planning
  • Income generation                                                    
  • Practical operational planning
  • Recruitment and training
  • Sales and marketing


"Don’t design anything until you know how you will use it."

"Safeguarding: Lock down is not a long term solution."

Financial and Business Planning

  • Commercial sales led budgeting
  • Business plans and benchmarks
  • VAT planning
  • Synchronising business cycles
  • Staffing structures and key skills
  • Commercial sales and marketing strategies


"Commercial business cycles do not follow academic timetables. This will affect your business plan."

"Do you know your markets and your customers lead in times."


Income Growth

  • Managing marketing investment and strategy
  • Recognise your value
  • Your place in the market



"First come, first served,  does not maximise income."


Cost Management

  • Staffing levels
  • Suppliers evaluation
  • Commissions and retrospective discounts


"Have you the industry knowledge to find the correct price structures?"


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